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Are you a person or business willing to donate labour to help people affected by the bushfires? Please register here to see our database of people who need you.


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Are you a business willing to donate the materials needed to help rebuild the homes of people affected by the bushfires?


This is a website where people can come to donate their time, to help the people affected by the Australian bushfires.
Our country is on fire, and many people are suffering. We don’t seem to have enough resources to save all the property, human lives and wildlife.
Despite all of this, there is still plenty that we can all do. In the aftermath of these fires, there will be a lot of rebuilding to do, and anyone who has the skills and the heart to help with this, will be in high demand.

This website has been created to help facilitate this. The plan is to connect skilled tradesman, labourers, or anyone willing to donate their time, with the people that need them the most.
Whether you are a tradesman, labourer, heavy equipment operator, truck driver, or just someone willing to lend a hand. Your time will be greatly appreciated.
Please spread this site far and wide. Share it with anyone that you think may be able to help.

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